RIS of Kupindedaha, Salyan 2017


1. Background

Since Nepal signed the Ramsar Convention (1971), there have been 10 wetlands of Nepal enlisted in the Ramsar site till the date. With the recent incorporation of Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley (LCPV) in the Ramsar, Nepal has global contribution in Ramsar target coverage by 0.02 percent. However, Nepal 4th National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity (2009) has indicated that Nepal has achieved a little till 2008 in line with CBD Target 1.2 Areas of Particular Importance to Biodiversity Protected, this target also evokes towards implementation of the Ramsar sites of Nepal. Further, National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NABSAP-2014) further prioritizes to enlist additional 5 wetlands of international importance in the Ramsar lists (GoN/MoFSC 2014). After the enlistment of lake cluster of Pokhara valley, there is a need of exploring additional 4 wetlands of global importance.

LCDC was engaged in all preparatory works  from scientific study to preparation of RIS as prerequisite to propose Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley in the Ramsar sites in 2016. With this learning, NLCDC has explored Kupindedaha, Salyan that may have potential to be Nepal’s next proposition for the Ramsar Site as meet the target recommended by NABSAP (2014).

Natural lake Kupinde (1,150 m) is situated at the coordinates of 28024’55″N and 8203’27″E at altitude of 1150 m in Kupindedhah VDC about 22 km west from the district headquarter Khalanga Bazar. This lake is one of the important water sources in the district. The lake is about 1250 m in length and 250 m in breadth. The maximum depth of the lake is about 48 m. The core area of lake is 25 ha which is surrounded by forest and settlements in the basin with an area of 1200 ha. An exploration of socio-ecological significance of this lake is necessary towards its enlistment in the Ramsar Heritage.

2. Objective

Conduct Socio-ecologcal Assessment of Kupindedaha, Salyan and Preparation of Ramsar Information Sheet (RIS) of Kupindedaha

3. Time Frame

Till June 2017

4. Client

National Lake Conservation Development Committee

5. Fund

NRs 0.5 million

6. Team Composition

Juddha Bahadur Gurung; Shailendra Pokharel; Ram Shrestha Er.

7. Team Leader

Juddha Bahadur Gurung

Mail: juddhagurung@gmail.com

Telephone: +977 9851002274