Updating of ILBM Plan of Gaidahawa Lake, Rupandehi


1. Background

NLCDC is a government authority to implement lake program having sole objective of promoting lake conservation for the better livelihood of community and thereby contributing national development through ecotourism promotion. NLCDC has been providing support to local institution for improving lake environment, where as one of the major interventions it has been intervening is the implementation of management based intervention following management prescriptions guided by Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM) approach.

Recently, NLCDC has a plan to intervene in Gaidahawa lake, Rupandehi. In 2015, NLCDC it initiated preparation of ILBM Plan of Gaidahawa lake but some steps could not be done due to uncertainties imposed by March/April earthquake 2015, and persistent political disturbances

2. Objective

Update and finalize draft ILBM Plan of Gaidahawa Lake, Rupandehi

3. Time Frame

Till June 2017

4. Client

National Lake Conservation Development Committee

5. Fund

NRs  1 million

6. Team Composition

Juddha Bahadur Gurung; Shailendra Pokharel; Ram Shrestha Er.

7. Team Leader

Juddha Bahadur Gurung

Mail: juddhagurung@gmail.com

Telephone: +977 9851002274