NTFPs’ Inventory & Sustainable Harvesting Plan of ACA, 2017


1. Background

NTFPs are superlatives renewal resources treasure of > US $ 5 Trillion Global Market. Nepal has NTFP treasure of 2,349 species of vascular plants; 65 species of mammals; 758 species of birds considered as NTFPs; which are categorized into 34 types based on their use values. Over 700 species of plants are documented to have medicinal & aromatic values, of this about 10% is involved in most of the trade and use. NTFP continuation in Nepal unlimited to livelihoods, rather it contributes to GDP up to 5%, most of them exported to India in crude or semi-processed form, also being exported to the third countries such as Japan; US; Germany; Belgium and 50 other countries.

ACA is the oldest conservation area and largest protected area (7629 km2) in Nepal, and is one among 10 most popular tourism destinations of the world. ACA is the home of 22 forests types and 1,233 plant species of which 35% species have NTFPs value such  as Neopicrorhiza scrophulariiflora; Dactylorhiza hatagirea; Daphne spp; Cordyceps sinensis; Moschus sp; Ursus sp; Lophura leucomelanos; Lophophorus impejanus; Silajit; Gem stone etc. Of this NTFPs/plants, more than 200 species are frequently used for the domestic and commercial purposes NTFPs in ACA are very limited to HHs uses; however kinetics of these species has not been yet reflected in any economics of the area. Demonstrable conservation initiative that has been observed since some decades in ACA by the communities also seems well reflected in high stocking of NTFPs which could be instrumental to sustain vibrant economy of ACA if sustainable harvest mechanism explored and practiced properly. In addition to the nature-tourism flavor of ACA, its NTFPs treasure to complement to socio-ecological prosperity of the region should not be undermined.

2. Objective

To Prepare NTFP Inventory and Sustainable Harvest Plan for Annapurna Conservation Area

3. Client

National Trust for Nature Conservation

4. Time

6 months

5. Fund

NRs 1.3 million

6. Team Composition

Bhuvan Kehsar Sharma Ph.D; Giridhar Amatya; Meen Dahal and Shailendra Pokharel

7. Team Leader

BK Sharma Dr. on behalf of Shailendra Pokharel;  

Mail: bhuvan.keshar.sharma@gmail.com;

Tel: +977 9843681331