Who We Are

<<test my ramesh>> Nepal initiated modern development and conservation processes from 1950, it used to be an exporting country for agriculture merchandise. Over sixty percent of Nepal’s land was under forest cover. The ways development we practiced until now pushed Nepal at the rank of 138th of 169 countries; one of the poorest in the world with poverty level similar to the sub-Saharan African countries of Uganda and Rwanda. Once food surplus Nepal is now food deficit one keeping citizens…

Our Objectives

  • Establish conservation development forum and seek conservation financing mechanism through national and international networking, partnership, professional services and propositions based on collective inputs and actions.
  • Demonstrate conservation of biodiversity and natural resources to improve ecosystem health by empowering community, and share incentives that respect social and environmental justice, governance and equity
  • Influence at policy level, legal and socio-economic space for safeguarding ecosystem health and services
  • Generate impacts through conservation researches, knowledge development, innovative actions and practices, and their dissemination with an initiation of conservation academy and green communication and recognition.