Revision of Operation Plan of Community Forests in Makalu-Barun National Park

1. Background

Makalu Barun National Park (MBNP) established on18th November 1991. It covers an area of 1500 sq. and buffer zone area 830 sq. km, declared on 8th February 1999. Previous conservation area was declared as a buffer zone. Buffer zone spreads over 12 VDCs: 10 in Sankhuwasbha District and 2 in Solukhumbu District. The altitude in this park varies from 434 m at lower Arun Valley to the peak of the fifth highest mountain in the world, Mt. Makalu (8463m),  within a short horizontal distance of 40 km from south to north. Makalu Barun National Park is also listed as one of the 27 IBAs (Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas) of Nepal.

The forest-based demand of the local communities is mainly met through the buffer zone community forests (BZCF). There are 94 community forests in the buffer zone of MBNP. Out of them, 82 community forests operational plans (CFOP) need to be revised to functionalize BZCFOP. Thus, OPs incorporating the updated information on forest based resources, users demands and constitutions that prescribes the existing resources, its utilization and protection without hampering the biodiversity conservation. This project aims to revise 25 operational plans of community forests.

2. Objectivs

The main objective of the assignment is to revise BZCFOPs of MBNP. Specific objectives are ;

  • Revise and prepare OPs of the community forests
  • 2. Recommendation for latest relevant scientific approaches for the conservation of biodiversity in the area

3. Time Frame

March 26, 2017 – June 26, 201

4. Client

Ministry of Forests & Soil Conservation, Department of National Parks & Wildlife Conservation, Makalu Barun National Park, Seduwa, Sankhuwasabha

5. Fund

NRs 9.57 million

6. Team Composition

Mr. Surya Man Shrestha, Anil Silwal, Bichit Kumar Singh, Nischal Regmi, Prakash Mal

7. Team Leader

Surya Man Shrestha


Telephone: +977 9851210055