Profiling of Rare & Endangered Animals and Wild Animals of Nepal


1. Background

DNPWC is the State authority in Nepal for administrating Protected Area (PA) and endangered species; habitats/ecosystems; wildlife research & monitoring, and generating national revenue mainly from nature tourism. Department of Forests also takes part to safeguard wildlife outside the PAs.

PAs account to cover about 24% of country land that has legally protected 27 species of mammals, 9 species of birds and 3 species of reptiles that includes many flag & key species. Of these, 33.3% (13 species) is endangered and 15.4% (6 species) vulnerable under IUCN Red List. Quite understandably, communities those competed & conflicted earlier with wildlife/habitat have relieved & enlarged conservation benefits to some extent from the habitats and PAs management; which also affirmed a, b and g diversities with an increase of population of the key & flagship mega animals like elephant; rhino; tiger; leopard; and so on.

While stating PAs one of exemplary measures helped increasing population of mega animals, the bitter challenge it pulverized is increasing human-wildlife conflict around PAs at the same time, especially by the rare/endangered species and species protected by the Act. Investment in protected species may turn problematic. There are four main reasons to consider species as the problematic one in Nepal such as crop raiding; livestock depredation; property damage; and human injury & casualties. Now, it is the crux that Nepal shall not let these resources (wildlife) be wildlife-problematic but exploring & culturing innovation to overturn this reality into wildlife-prosperity. However, information in this context of new conservation challenge as stated earlier is a gap for us. Profile of rare/endangered wildlife treasure of Nepal is not yet available, so next step in this regards is to update and fill this information gap.

2. Objective

Develop a Detail Profile of Rare & endangered Animals and Problematic Animals of Nepal. Other

3. Time Frame

Till June 2017

4. Client

Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation

5. Fund

NRs 2.93 million

6. Team Composition

Bhuvan Kehsar Sharma Ph.D; Tej Bahadur Thapa Prof. Dr; Govinda Basnet Dr; Sajani Shrestha Dr.; Manish Shrestha; Chitra Baniya Associate Professor, Dr..

7. Team Leader

Bhuvan Keshar Sharma Ph. D


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