Comprehensive/Integrated Rural Development Plan (IRDP) of Tapli Rural Municipality, Udayapur

Project Team Leaders: Shailendra Pokharel and Govinda Basnet Dr

Project Team: Bhuvan Keshar Sharma; Pradeep Chandra Pokharel Er.; Juddha Bahadur Gurung; Bharat Subba Prof. Dr., Damodar Bhandari; Manish Kok (Shrestha); Minesh Ghimire; Puspa Pokharel Dr.; Rabindra Bhattarai; Satiz Poudel and others.

Project Period: 6 Months

Time plan: Data Collection: 25 days; Data assessment: 15 days; Planning exercise: 20 days; IRDP Plan: 1 Month

Provisional setup: No per diem claimable as earlier. CODEFUND will arrange logistics in the field except for health insurance.

Mr. Suryaman Shrestha will make arrangement for Travel Authorization and advance need.

Govinda Basnet Dr will administer the budget in advance.

About the Project

Adoption of a federal system in Nepal has been a watershed event in the political development path of the country. Although the country enters into an uncharted water, the new state restructuring offers unprecedented opportunities for the local level governments to plan and execute its development path. The Constitution of Nepal 2015 enshrines the rights of local level governments to address the aspirations of the people residing within the jurisdiction of the local level governments. The newly elected local government bodies want to seize the moment of euphoria filled with hope to design a clear development path. In this context, all administrative and development units are seeking to intervene in their areas that minimize adversities and externalities, and at the same time explores multifold opportunities for the sustainable development through integrated efforts

As stated above, the Tapli Rural Municipality in Udayapur district now intends to develop the Comprehensive/Integrated Rural Development Plan (IRDP) to chart its course to sustainable development specific to attain sustainable livelihood and overcome poverty through environmental harmonization, so this plan subsequently will explore socioeconomic and environmental resources, and will integrate all sectoral problems, issues, and concerns as the basis of short, mid and long terms interventions. Further, this document will also serve the purpose of funding plan with the target of transmuting Tapli RM to Tapli Municipality in the next 10 years.



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