Proposal Submitted: ‘Building the capacity of ‘Suryodaya Palika Stariya Women Group (SWG)

Conservation Development Foundation has submitted proposal on July 14, 2022: proposal entitled ‘Building the capacity of ‘Suryodaya Palika Stariya Women Group (SWG)’ to the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT), Direct Aid Program (DAP). This concept is dedicated to ‘Building the capacity of ‘Suryodaya Palika Stariya Women Group (SWG)’ as the custodian in reducing poverty and safeguarding environment in Tapli Rural Municipality (TRM), Udayapur district’; which will bring SWG as a forefront custodian helping poor womenled households (HHs) to demonstrate a change from non -conservation to pro-conservation and from subsistence to organized doubling the income. The capacity of SWG will be built up towards institutionalization, so it continues lobbying its programs into the planning/action framework of TRM for the sustainability scalable to other wards. SWG through its members will operate a multi-purpose nursery for vegetables, fruit, and fodder; conduct plantation/water management; support members for environmental-friendly plan-based businesses, and link them to market with a participatory monitoring protocol. Other specific objectives will be: i) Assist TRM to prepare Policy-Program Framework for GESI linking poverty reduction and environmental safeguarding, ii) Capacity enhancement of SWG to institutionalize GECI linked to the environmental safeguard, led households by developing and implementing plan based business with a participatory monitoring protocol to measure income progress and environmental conditions. iv) Support for advocacy, plant-nursery plantation, and water management, and v) Monitoring, lesson sharing, and reporting.