Project Accomplished: Feasibility Study of Wildlife Farming and Hunting

Ministry of Forest, Environment and Soil Conservation (MoFESC), Gandaki Province, Pokhara, Nepal had awarded project entitled ‘Feasibility Study of Wildlife Farming and Hunting’ on 15th of March 2022. The main objective of this assignment was to study the feasibility of wildlife farming and hunting in Gandaki Province. The Specific Objectives were: (i) To assess the national and international legal frameworks and parameters and existing market patterns, (ii) To identify the potential areas/habitat for wildlife farming and hunting, (iii) To develop criteria for the determination of commercial farming and hunting of wild animals, and iv. To assess prospects of planning, programs, policies, partnerships, peoples’ perceptions, and priority resources.
The CODEFUND has successfully completed the project within the agreed timeline and summited Final Report to the MoFESC, Gandaki Province, Nepal.