Conservation banking (CB) as a common term is to denote financing protocol that respect and promote environmentally sound practices. Nepal has entered to a stage of advance financial and national treasury schemes. Many commercial, industrial and agriculture banks and cooperatives are successfully providing services to relief economic stress and invest on national economic growth. Clean energy banking is already operable in Nepal as an example for the cause of energy promotional works. Still, we have not been able to make an adequate national investment for the cause of environment conservation. Our major fund for conservation is donor driven and very conditional. It has created conservation monotony that Nepal can not afford for conservation if donor fund is unavailable. This prevailing scenario needs absolute change.

Now, Nepal has to go beyond simply having banking mechanism that pay much to leverage benefits but either no or little attention in environment. We shall go with Conservation Banking objective that sustain conservation development that strongly integrates socio-politics with ecology that eventually leads to the socio-ecological prosperity. Unlike commonly operating banks, the strength of Conservation Bank relies on income benefits that entirely promotes conservation agenda as well as distribute benefits to depositors and investors.

CODEFUND as a non-profit body would make no economic benefits from Conservation Banking. It advocates for such banking so any investor may start materializing this concept.

CODEFUND would approach pro-conservation banks and institutions to cooperate us making Nepal prosperous and dignified economically and ecologically.