Over 5% of Nepal’s land mass is believed to be under wetlands system, and are the Himalayan wetlands, the masterpiece ecosystem leveraging direct incentives to over 13% of ethnic/indigenous communities. One of the prominent wetlands in Nepal is Rara lake, the largest freshwater lake of 10.61 sq. km (Max. length: 5.1 km; Max. width: 2.7 km; Average depth:100 m; Max. depth: 167 m; Shore length: 14 km; Water volume: 10,682 cubic meter) at an altitude of 2,290 masl. It has been a popular destination in the Western Nepal for trekkers. One can find the lake surrounded by the Rara National Park with pine, spruce and juniper forest. The view of snow-capped Himalayan peaks enhance the attraction of trekkers. However, socio-ecological potential of Rara is still untapped.