NEFEJ is a pioneer NGO established in 1986 in promoting the environmental journalism in Nepal. It has been providing the forum to debate; study; influence public policy; and raising awareness for conservation & sustainable development in its 28 years of conservation journey. Further, it has pivotal role played in creating environment for formulation and amendment of the environmental laws and rights. It operates through 4 departments: Radio Sagarmatha, Community Radio Support Center (CRSC), Media Training Center (MTC), and Audio-Visual Department. One of its prominent not-profit services is the continue boradcast on environmental issues through Aankhijhyal aired every Wednesday at 8:30 pm in NTV Plus and 12 other television channels in Nepal.

NEFEJ is the founder member institution of CODEFUND and has been collaborating to disseminate environmental issues. Recently, CODEFUND & NEFEJ has mutual agreement to air on Wetlands Issues every Thursday since from January 2017. We further look any entities to collaborate us in this matter, so that wetlands issues are reached to all tiers of audiences from politician, bureaucrats and communities and necessary actions are formulated and implemented gradually.