The International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC) is a public interest incorporated foundation/NGO based in Japan. ILEC established in 1984 at the recommendation of then then Executive Director M. K.Tolba of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) realizing the trans-generational succession of the Sigha Conference to help the world developing a rational management plans for lakes and their catchment basins.Ever since then, ILEC has been promoting rational and sound management of world lakes (natural and anthropogenic) and their catchment areas consistent with sustainable development policies.

CODEFUND has been working with ILEC for the implementation of Integrated Lake Basin Management approaches for the sustainability of Nepal’s lake through strong lake basin governance. ILEC has been building its capacity through international exposure through conferences, global meeting and symposium.

In technical backstopping of ILEC, CODEFUND has been able to cooperate National Lake Conservation Development Committee to refine its National Lake Strategic Plan. ILEC support has been very valuable for CODEFUND for the persistence advocacy towards the need of Wetlands Academy in Nepal.