Codefund evolved from 101 founders

The Foundation is the non-governmental; non-profitable and non-political organization established in 2011 through collective inputs and actions of 101 conservationists and development devotees of Nepal. It is committed for Prosperity, Wisdom and Peace from wetlands focus conservation development. The Foundation is making advocacy for the establishment of Wetlands Academy; Conservation Banking; Conservation Dissemination (TV channel); Conservation Advocacy Forum; Conservation Recognition and Gaunpalika (rural municipality) level Conservation Demonstration.

In demonstration, the foundation makes effort to integrate conservation and development issues for strong socio-political and ecological governance pre-mandatory for any intervention undertaken. Further, the Foundation also provides technical assistances in Biodiversity; Natural Resource Management including Wetlands/Lakes; Ecosystem Management; Conservation Awareness; Climate Change and Disasters and so on.

It works/working with national and international conservation entities. The Foundation has applied for membership with Satoyama Initiative/Japan and International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN)/Switzerland.